Moving Company

If you are going to have moved, so we will help you move. Both for business as private, we offer efficient relocation. We have experienced moving men to help with packing, marking boxes and dismantling of paintings and lamps.

You can also purchase moving materials from us.


We have agreement with Royal Arctic Line for packing and unpacking of moving goods. Packing and unpacking made ​​pursuant to Royal Arctic Line current rules regarding. common PROVISION for performing all services concerning. furniture removals.

Good packing advice:

Add as much as possible in moving boxes. They are easier to handle and will ensure better transportation. Use extra moving boxes if needed.
◾ Do not fill moving boxes up such heavy books and other heavy objects – we usually say max. half of the box with the books and the other half with lighter things.
◾ Sure to get the things that can easily break securely packed in moving paper or soft cloth such as towels, blankets , etc. before they carefully packed in moving boxes.
◾ Never pack food or perishable items in moving boxes.
◾ Go attic, basement and garage through.
◾ Mark moving boxes with where they should be placed at the new location . This makes the moving much more practical.
◾ Be sure to unplug all cables and cords from electrical appliances. Remember to put them in the same box !
◾ If any . Let paintings and pictures hang on the wall. We take them to get down and pack them properly.
◾ Remove batteries from toys and other mechanical things that can start up automatically during transport.
◾ Clear the floor for loose things so we do not fall into it. Everything from children’s toys to loose carpeting can be a hazard.